Saturday, July 30, 2011

Farmer's Market

Today my fam went to the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market. There was a wide range of craft booths, photography booths, and about 957 homemade soap booths. I mean seriously Utahns. Is there really nothing else to do in this word but make soap!? Holy.

I was a little bit more cautious with spending my mullah today because firstly I'm going on a mission so I need to save, and secondly I am going on a mission so I don't need to buy 47 bars of soap. Although the Philippines is a sweaty place......

Anywho...the FM provided a great deal of excellent people watching including many granola types, hippies, old fat people in jazzys, and cuuuute little kids playing tiny instruments. I know it's cliche to say, but this little guy below stole my heart. His little squeaky violin was the cutest thing EVER!

Other highlights of our day included DELISH strawberry lemonade of which I sipped using possibly the biggest straw known to mankind, snapping shots of the CUTEST Bulldog ever , beautiful flowers, unique musicians and performers, and noticing the vendors of Salt Lake City cannot spell worth a rats tush. Do  enjoy these spelling mistakes and for more laughs visit here!

Mmmm... I love lemens.
I like artichokes, but arlichocks sound sketchy....

I love me some cantaloupe. 
She was presh!!! I mean just LOOK at that tongue!
These guys were so cute. I especially loved the drum set. 

This guy was pretty dang good!
One money perhaps?  Give or take...
Delish lemonade
Largo straw people!

Apparently tie dye is back in style

Friday, July 29, 2011

Guten Tag!

Woah it has been so long since my last post that I sort of forgot the name of my blog...oooops...but luckily Google knew what I was searching for and led me in the right direction.

So...today as part of my family's "staycation" we went into SLC to a little German deli called Siegfried's. Needless to say, the food was FABTAB! I love German food, and since Linds served her mish there she was able to translate the menu for us all. I do however, know that rotkohl (amazing red cabbage cooked in lots of other ingredients) is one of my FAVS along with Spaetzle (thick noodles covered in brown gravy). I got extra excited when I saw they had marzipan cake on the menu and most def had to have a slice. You can prob tell from the picture below that I speedily devoured that sucker in record time.

After a sehr gut lunch (look at me being all bi-lingual) we went to this strange store called the EMP store...or maybe it was called EMS...either way it was basically a giant DI only everything was new-ish. I think the products come from loads that were damaged on trucks or something like that because everything was REALLY cheap, and expired- like seriously what joint would sell yogurt that had expired 2 months ago??? Definitely Josie-Grossie. I did, however, find The Wedding Singer and Bride Wars brand new, for like $3 a piece. What a steal!

After the SLC adventure we returned to good old Tooele where we went to see Cowboys and Aliens, or as my Mother called it, "Cowboys and Indians." Apparently she was a tad confused with what movie we were actually seeing. Anywho...it was a really great movie and the fact that Daniel Craig is the star (who is veeery easy on the eyes) only makes it more of a great flick. Whelp the day is coming to an end, so please do enjoy these photos from my day.

We're SOOOO excited to eat German food!

Mom is happy, Dad is confused at the menu...

Some lovely flags. 
Marzipan cake=party in my MOUTH

Das Menu.
Auf Wiedersehen!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


NBD (no big deal) or anything but this is where I'm going to be chillin for 18 months.
 (hint* this is in the PHILIPPINES)

Also PAT is CTR in Tagalog. NBD.