Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Call Me Tibby

Well folks, it's official. I am the least cool girl in school. I am currently sitting at home with my cats while my friends are out and about traveling the world. And by the "world" I MEAN the WHOLE world. I have two friends currently in grand ole' Paris, one friend in New Delhi, and another friend in Israel. How lucky am I to be stuck in exotic Tooele, UT while my friends meander through foreign lands? I'm a lucky duck indeed.

Before Aubrey left for Paris, she stayed with me and we watched the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
Sisterhood of the traveling pants 7
Yes, it's a girly movie, and yes, we are girls. All you math geniuses out there just add two and two together. Anyway...we decided that I am going to be playing the role of Tibby this summer as I work begrudgingly all summer at Macey's, "your friendly neighborhood grocer." Maybe I'll film a documentary (doubtful) or maybe I'll befriend a girl with Leukemia. (even more doubtful) But I guess all in all my summer won't suck too bad because at least I don't have to risk being kidnapped on the streets of Paris, or robbed by the people of India. Lucky me.

P.S. here's a great big Israeli shout out to my pal Emily! You eat that hummus!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

*Insert Clever Title Here*

Fact: I am hopelessly devoted and insanely in love with chapstick. I can NOT live without it. Boy, have I tried and boy did I fail miserably. It is just a part of my existence. I MUST always have a stick with me at all times and when those unfortunate and inevitable situations arise where I am chapstickless, then I can't stop thinking about my lips, which forces me to constantly lick them, only making them more in need of some chapsticky moisturizing action and then I go all crazy/anxious because I can't satisfy my chapstick needs. Needless to say, I can DEFINITELY sympathize with Napoleon Dynamite.

So here is the lowdown on my chapstick obsession... Do enjoy.

I absolutely LOATHE any chapstick/lip balm/ lip gloss that falls under these categories:
-Glittery, sparkly, or anything bedazzled. (sorry mom.)
-Edible (yes I did have a "juicy lips" lip gloss in elementary school. It was sour flavored. I was young. Don't judge. )
-Overly sticky so that every time I walk outside my whole head of hair sticks to my lips like a magnet. (Although I will make an exception with Bath and Body Works lip mentha lip gloss IF AND ONLY IF there are no other suitable chapsticks available.)
-Any flavor that is flavored after a candy bar, ice cream flavor, or carbonated beverage.

For your reading pleasure I have graciously listed my fav chapsticks to give you an idea on just how serious my chapstick obsession really is. (lets just say I'm a chapstick connoisseur)

-Chapstick brand chapstick. (best flavors are green and blue followed by black and then pink but hardly ever Cherry)


-Nivea "A Kiss of Moisture." I can lather this stuff on over and over again for hours. It is just sooooo silky smooth. Also this was my special chapstick in school that I didn't let anyone use, because apparently I'm the "go to" girl for chapstick. Hmmm...wonder why?

-Burt's Bees. Original mint flavor. Now I know people have said they put in "re-chapping agents" but dangit Burt knows his stuff and I like the way it tingles so lay off!

-Yes To Carrots-mint. I always go for mint. Aaaand it has essence of carrot in it...healthy right!?

-Good ole' Vaseline. You can never go wrong with Vaseline.

Also...there is one chapstick that I will never use unless in ABSOLUTE emergencies and after my first emergency lip mentha crap isn't available either, and that is carmex. I was a fan once long ago, but I just can't stand anything about it now, especially the smell and the way it tastes...not that I eat it, but you know how chapstick always ends up in your mouth??? You do.
  {P.S. THIS is the stuff I make people use when they ask for chapstick.... heheh I'm so cruel}

Welp there you have it! If you know of any other great chapsticks I should try that do not fall under any of the   "no-no's" categories then let me know!!!!

Peace out.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Humble Update

*sigh* Wellllll I am finally buckling down and updating my blog...I know you have all been on the edges of your seats this past month in complete insane-anxiousness waiting for my next post.  But alas! Fear no more!

I have kindly provided you all with a simple update from the past month....
-School is fab. Finals are fabber. My finals are projects not tests. I am a lucky duck.
-People watching in the MC is my FAVORITE past time. I think watching people, or naturalistic observation as my friend calls it, is such an excellent waste of time.
-Sneak shots of people in the MC makes people watching SO much more enjoyable.  Especially when they are sitting alone watching a basketball game on their laptops, listening to headphones and standing up and cheering-alone mind you, when their team makes a shot. Too bad the file is "too large to upload" because it really is a jem of a video.
-A tasty salmon dinner is possible for a college student to make and enjoy
-Indubitably is my new favorite word and I try to incorporate it into my everyday conversations to make me seem smarter.
-I have purchased SOOO much black mat board in the past few weeks, that I do believe the media library ran out solely because of me. Sorry everyone...
-I want a MacBook Pro more than anything...well maybe not ANYTHING, but a lot of things...
-Rexburg's weather is bipolar.
-Rexburg has three seasons: Winter, post-winter, pre-winter.
-Have you ever wondered if the pictures of those poor kids with clef pallets plastered all over the internet actually get to have their mouths fixed or does the photographer say, "smile-if you can...alright and...next" ???
This Kid ALWAYS makes me laugh!
-My adopted roommate Janae Butterfield is THE best cook I know and whomever she marries is a lucky lad
-Itunes' 69 cent songs are a blessed gift to poor college students
-Chicago is AMAZING!!! (the band, not the movie or the city)
-It is decided that I should have been born in the 70s. I am meant to be a flower child dangit! Besides,  everyone and their dog calls me a hippie.
-The book, "Yearning for the Living God" by F. Enzio Busche is my new favorite book. As I read it, I kept a pen and pad of stickies next to me to write down the amazing tidbits of inspiration I received and plastered them all over my wall.
-Settlers of Catan is my new favorite game, and I almost won-sort of...the first time I played it.
-My Wacom tablet is actually pretty awesome-despite the arm and leg I had to give to buy it.
-I love MJ and JM

Whelp...that's all I can think of so...see ya later mountain face. (Hot Rod anyone?)