Monday, October 24, 2011


Right after I did the last post I found this website...You HAVE to check it out. I can't even believe the shoes on there. Insanity.


Holy Shoes!

Hey guys...so I happened upon a shoe designer named Jeffery Campbell who sells some of his stuff at urban outfitters, and let me just say, this guy has some INSANE designs. Please take a peek at some of his wacky shoes and tell me which one you'd wear! (I'm rooting for the heel-less one)

I don't even know how your foot doesn't fall through

Judy Garland's shoes on crack

so weird!

The preferred footwear of Chewbacca

This would give my arch a Charley-horse

So fancy...

Thursday, October 20, 2011


You guys! I only have 22 more days! WHAAAT?!!!
I found these cool pics reppin the Filipino flag.

Give these to me.

So excellent.

Even Google is Reppin!!!!

Way to go Nike.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today I Made Stuff...

Today after work, I had the sudden urge to make a pillowcase for my mission. So I grabbed some scrap fabric, my old pillowcase and headed to the sewing machine. A fewish minutes later ( more like 30).......                 Wallah!


believe it

Then my dad said I should make dinner for my mom...so I headed to Macey's, bought some supplies, and came home and made this masterpiece.
This dinner consisted of mashed yams with butter, sour cream, brown sugar, and milk, green beans with butter and salt, and chicken breast seasoned with fresh garlic, mrs. dash, celery seed, and lemon juice cooked on our good friend The George Forman. Delish and Nutrish!

Well now I am done creating for the day, so I am going to sit and watch my mom make my mission skirts and pretend to help her-since pillowcases are about the extent of my sewing capabilities. 

Here's to making stuff!

Monday, October 17, 2011


I went up to Sexy Rexy to visit my homies before I leave on my mish. I stayed with Aubrey, Emily, Breanna, Miriam, and Vanessa...oh and their other roommates...I don't really remember their names...Anyway we had such a blastola of a time eating, bonfiring, templeing, more eating, movie watching, napping, churchgoing, and photo taking. I am going to miss all my pals, both old and new. Love you guys. (no homo...)

Me and T'Jae.

Eating at Craigos

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Day in Pictures

October 11, 2011 around the world in pictures that I found and love...

Today in Pictures

Today in Pictures
Today in Pictures

And now some photos from my day...although they are not quite as fabulous as a 4 day old turtle or a beautiful Indian girl...

I ate a very nutritious lunch from my Yoda lunch box. 

I said goodbye to my favorite buddy Stokely whose family is moving to Kentucky. :(

Saying goodbye to Saylor, Stokely's sister.

Hope your day was just plain spiffy! 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Love to See the Temple

Last night my fam and I did a session at the Bountiful Temple. It was real awesome. That temple sure is a beaut. For dinner we went to Nielsen's Frozen Custard. Mom and I had "The Finer Things" sandwich with turkey and avocados. Soooooo delicious. Then we had some custard. I had chocolate and Mom and Lindsey had pumpkin. Dad rocked his usual lemon. It was a great evening!


Mother and Daughter. awwww.

Sisters again. 

oh heeeeey

Chocolate and pumpkin. what up

Check out that avocado. mmmmm

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Drive

After work today I decided to go for a drive around Tooele county and snap some shots to clear my head. Apparently the weather decided to skip fall and go straight into winter because today we had snow. Yep, you know them; the white flurries that usually make an appearance mid-Nov came a falling down today, creating a gorgeous mountain scene if I do say so myself. Oh winter how I will miss you as I am in the Philippines. I guess I should start getting my fill of warm coats and hot chocolate.

Middle {finger} Canyon

I believe these were once sunflowers

Hello sun

Changing leaves

Mountain scene

This little guy was still livin among the other dead weeds

Land and Sea {sea=Salt Lake}