Saturday, November 5, 2011

16 Months of Summmmmer

This morning I woke up to a snow covered winter wonderland. It was pretty and glistening until I went outside and then I remembered why I am grateful I'm going to be in the Philippines for 16 months...which= NO SNOW!
I never thought I'd say this but, I think I am tired of snow. I use to just deal with it up in Snowburg aka Rexburg, but now I'm just ready to go to the tropical land of Laguna. I hope I can survive 2 more months of snow while I'm in Provo. Fingers crossed.

Look what I get to miss!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So I'm stealing today's Awkward and Awesome post idea from another blog...so sue me...seriously I watch enough Law and Order to win my case.


  • Singing out my guts in the car and being well aware of the cars passing me with interesting looks shot my way. 
  • The terrible construction on North Temple. I mean COME ON 25 mph? I don't even go that slow in neighborhoods.
  • Having a really hard time opening doors at the Gateway. Urban Outfitters really should have a sign that says "pull, NOT push."
  • The "assistant (15 yr. old) manager" at Claire's who followed me around like a little puppy throughout the store playing 20 questions with me. Assistant Manager (AM) "Oh are you just getting some cute hair accessories?!" Me: "Yeah, just whatever floats my boat." AM: "Well they are buy one get one half off." Me: "Great thanks. So you guys have some cute wallets here." AM: "Yes! And they're really cheap!" Me: "Too bad I just bought one." AM: (real serious) "Oh where did you buy it?"  OBNOXIOUS! NO I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND I DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU MY ZODIAC SIGN! teenagers. 
  • Getting lost in SLC on my way home, missing the street I'm supposed to turn on, and somehow also missing the sign that says "One Way," where I proceed to turn onto that one way street...flip a u-ey and then resort to calling dad in a panic. 
  • The slightly femmy worker at J. Crew who wore shoes with just enough of a heel to always know when he's coming.
  • Finding a CUTE sweater at Anthropologie for only $29, which is UNHEARD OF at that store. (Do keep in mind the reg price was $88...)
  • Eating lunch at a fab sandwich joint with my best pal Molly
  • Getting free ice cream as previously mentioned fab sandwich joint just for buying food there. WHAT service!
  • Molly getting a dress at J. Crew for only $20!!! She's a steal finder!
  • Getting an Orange Julius, which reminded me of my childhood at the Valley Fair Mall, or like my family calls it Valley of the Unwashed Mall. 
  • Finding a foreign power adapter/converter so I can charge my camera while I'm in the Philippines. I was having some MAJOR stress over this. Bless you Radio Shack. 
Hope your day was awesome and not awkward!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mission Preparation

For the past couple of days I have been going crazy trying to buy all the things I'll need for my mission...And I've decided that Elders have it SOOOOO much easier! Sisters have to buy a whole ton of extra stuff that just comes with being a woman....like makeup, hair stuff, dresses, skirts, cute shirts that are lightweight AND match every skirt, cute shoes, nylons, and 18 months worth of "feminine hygiene supplies." Elders are good with just a couple ties, suits, and a toothbrush. Whatever....

Last week Mom and I spent about 2 hours in walmart buying all my crapola and then we had to take a break to eat at Cafe Rio where we enjoyed Tamale Thursday. Delish. Then we went to the health center where I got 2 more painful shots. :( My poor arms. 4 shots in 2 days. At the health center I was very interested in the chairs in the waiting room and wondered what the slit was meant for? Perhaps to vent out some unpleasant odors coming from the user??? Your guess is as good as mine.

We fed it.

And tried it I did!

She's so beautiful

Mysterious chair slit...

 Then last Friday, Mom, Dad, and I headed up to Park City to attack the outlet stores. I found basically everything else that I needed including shoes I would have NEVER bought had I not bought them for my mission. Ladies and gents, Yes, I Meagan Pruden bought some lesbian shoes. (refer here.) But let me explain....my mission packet said I needed to buy close-toed sandals to wear, I'm assuming, as I'm trudging through swampy jungles. So I am obedient and bought some Keen sandals, which are noooot quite full blown lesbo sandals, but they're just about there.
They looka like this

After our Park City Extravaganza, we headed to Costco where I swear we bought out the entire stock of tampons. I tried to avoid eye contact as the cashier rang them up....

Believe it. 
This is what 768 tampons looks like smashed in Ziplocs...
I hope the airlines want to search my bag!

Well I have one week folks. Let the countdown begin.
And on a more happy note, it's almost winter which means daylight savings is soon, which MEANS I get to sleep in an extra hour at the MTC-dizzle! WHAT UP!

Goodbye fall.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Right after I did the last post I found this website...You HAVE to check it out. I can't even believe the shoes on there. Insanity.


Holy Shoes!

Hey guys...so I happened upon a shoe designer named Jeffery Campbell who sells some of his stuff at urban outfitters, and let me just say, this guy has some INSANE designs. Please take a peek at some of his wacky shoes and tell me which one you'd wear! (I'm rooting for the heel-less one)

I don't even know how your foot doesn't fall through

Judy Garland's shoes on crack

so weird!

The preferred footwear of Chewbacca

This would give my arch a Charley-horse

So fancy...

Thursday, October 20, 2011


You guys! I only have 22 more days! WHAAAT?!!!
I found these cool pics reppin the Filipino flag.

Give these to me.

So excellent.

Even Google is Reppin!!!!

Way to go Nike.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today I Made Stuff...

Today after work, I had the sudden urge to make a pillowcase for my mission. So I grabbed some scrap fabric, my old pillowcase and headed to the sewing machine. A fewish minutes later ( more like 30).......                 Wallah!


believe it

Then my dad said I should make dinner for my mom...so I headed to Macey's, bought some supplies, and came home and made this masterpiece.
This dinner consisted of mashed yams with butter, sour cream, brown sugar, and milk, green beans with butter and salt, and chicken breast seasoned with fresh garlic, mrs. dash, celery seed, and lemon juice cooked on our good friend The George Forman. Delish and Nutrish!

Well now I am done creating for the day, so I am going to sit and watch my mom make my mission skirts and pretend to help her-since pillowcases are about the extent of my sewing capabilities. 

Here's to making stuff!