Monday, June 6, 2011

Teeth, Temple, and Treats

Last Thursday I went to the Den-teest for my mish papers. I passed with flying colors! Then my pal Molly and I went into Salt Lake to the temple, which we have been doing for a couple of weeks now. After a lovely time in the temple, we sat in Temple Square chatting with some sister missionaries. It made me UBER jealous that they were already on their missions, and I still have to wait. :( Then Molly and I wanted to treat ourselves to a scrumptious/fancy dinner so we hit up The Rodizio Grill. That place is FAB-TAB! We had the salad bar and the endless meat-on-speer option. SooooOOOOOooooo Delicious! The strangest thing we ate was a chicken heart which tasted just like...chicken... strange. Then after we were soo stuffed that we couldn't eat another bite we ordered a dessert which consisted of cinnamon pastries filled with cream drenched in caramel and vanilla ice cream... divine. After we rolled ourselves out of the restaurant, we stopped in some of the shops at Trolley Square. There was a neato place with a lot of cool ethnic jewelry and tapestries and a pop culturey place that sold such awesome stuff! Do enjoy the pics I snapped of our day!

Chilled Strawberry soup.

Chilled Mango soup

Chicken heart and lime. 

Green means, " GO! Bring us meat! Especially grilled pineapple." Man, I didn't know a color could say so much. 

Molly loooved the food. 

I lova food. 

The remains of our dessert. 

Rodizio Grill. 

Check out the lamp we found in the pop culture store. Sketchy. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big Day

Today was a big day for me. You wanna know why? Well....I'll tell ya. I had my very FIRST Big Mac. No, my parents didn't intentionally deprive me of this burger my whole life, and yes I did say it was my first Big Mac...in 20+ years. And let me tell you, I wasn't a big fan. I mean, it was tasty and I licked my fingers once or twice, but it wasn't anything compared to my fav the Big N' Tasty. That secret sauce just didn't do it for me I suppose.
On the bright side, as my parents and I sat and people watched whilst licking our delish McDonald's ice creams cones, a gaggle of young boys (prob like 6th graders) walked in holding Macey's bags. Then they proceeded to each pull out their purchases as they nestled into their booth. Each boy revealed a different soda-Jones, Fanta, etc. Then the last boy pulled out a Fuji water. I liked that kid. Very clever and original. The best part was watching all 4 of the boys try and help out the Fanta boy with his bottle because apparently they didn't know you can just twist the cap and it will come off. Instead they tried multiple ways to pop it off using the table and chairs as leverage. But...to no avail. Eventually they asked the cashier for help who simply twisted the cap off which completely amazed the boys. Topic of conversation for these boys for the rest of the day: "Dude! She totally popped that cap off with her bare hands."
I love people watching.