Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is Anyone Out There?

Hey all you fine people....at least I'm assuming there are people out there reading my blog... Anywho let's play a game where you, as a blog reader, let me know you're out there by leaving me a comment saying "what up?" and maybe your name and stuff like that. I just wanna know if anyone is reading my blog... Because I'm just vain like that. Aight, thanks homies.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Time to Rendezvous!

Today after work, mom came in and bought some green Anaheim peppers and Lindsey roasted them for her. We have sold a ton of these to the good people of Tooele! What up! Now they are cooling on several cookie sheets in our refrigerator. yummmmmm.

Chili roaster

Roasted chilis

Mom, Dad and I headed over to the Rendezvous (Yes I googled the spelling of that word. What is it with these words and their silent letters!?) There were a bunch of teepees/tents with people totally decked out in rendezvous garb selling their homemade goodies. I was totally impressed with these people who must do this all the time in the dead of summer with a dead animal hanging around their neck. Dedication people, that's what that is! I bought some leather cord for a bracelet, and some feather beads to make some earrings. I also bought some homemade root beer that came in a bottle with a cork! So awesome.  Good times were definitely had.

Saaaweet lanterns

mmmmm root beer

Fox face

I wrote this with a feather and ink!

Looking up through the teepee

Friday, September 23, 2011

American Prayer

Yesterday I worked an 8 hour shift (big surprise right?) and then I went with Tyler Thurston and His family to Provo to watch his sister-in-law play volleyball. Basically she plays for BYU and she's like so pro. Tyler's sister, Sarah, just had a baby about 3 weeks ago and he is SOOOO freaking cute. His name is Aeden and I am in love with his squishy cheeks and tiny hands. No big deal, but he likes to hold my hand. I got to sit next to him on the way there, and on the way home, holding hands. It was very romantic-in the baby sense.
Apparently Sister Thurston has this cool thing on her phone where she can speak to it, and it records what she says and converts it to a text message. Well I guess she was telling Casey, the volleyball pro, who was coming to see her play and her phone thought "Meagan Pruden" was in reality "American Prayer." So when we got to the game I was like, "What up BYU. American Prayer in the house!" and stuff like that. I guess it's my new Indian name or something, which is a lot better than "Squatting dog" or "Come to bed," right?  Well it was a fab night full of holding babies and watching BYU kick St. Mary's trash. (P.S. their mascot is the Gael. Say what?!)
American Prayer signing off.

I want him.

Work that pouty face

He totally knows he's cute.

Wow my hair had AWESOME volume yesterday!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Poppies and Pat

Today at work I was talking to Pat, the flower whisperer, about flowers and all the different types. I found a picture of a BEAUTIFUL flower and she told me it was a poppy. This is when I decided poppies are my new favorite flower...at least for awhile (Don't worry gerber daisies...you are a very close second...)  Poppies are just such happy looking flowers dontcha think!? Take a peek for yourself *curteousy of google images of course!* oh and p.s. the fact that several Middle Eastern countries make a living making opium from these flowers doesn't phase me at all...I mean illegal drugs coming from such a pretty flower? Go figure...

Isn't this a GREAT bouquet?! 

I want this painting for my wall!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Check IT!

Yesterday we braved the Utah State Fair (post plus pictures to come soon) Right now we're watching BYU's embarrassment. :(  On the bright side, the sunset was GORGEOUS tonight! Check it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Downtown Tooele

Today was our day off so Lindsey and I decided to head in to our madre's work and well, vote. We voted for the new city council (cough cough our dad cough cough) and then took Mom to lunch at Niks- an AMAZING Greek restaurant. We all had tasty sandwiches and lemon rice. My sandwich was Genoa Salami. Delish. Then we stopped at some cute perfume/gift shop stores along Vine Street. Mom went back to work and Lindsey and I went to Sweet Lizzy's candy store and splurged...Then we went to a clothing store called The Modish Place where I met the owner who came straight from the Philippines!!! Crazy eh? We chatted about her country and it's world famous mangoes and coconut pies. Then she invited me over for some Filipino food sometime. I bought two skirts for my mish and a FAB chest with Chinese writing on all sides. It was a great day! Good Old Tooele strikes again!

Isn't this thing amazing!?