Thursday, November 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So I'm stealing today's Awkward and Awesome post idea from another blog...so sue me...seriously I watch enough Law and Order to win my case.


  • Singing out my guts in the car and being well aware of the cars passing me with interesting looks shot my way. 
  • The terrible construction on North Temple. I mean COME ON 25 mph? I don't even go that slow in neighborhoods.
  • Having a really hard time opening doors at the Gateway. Urban Outfitters really should have a sign that says "pull, NOT push."
  • The "assistant (15 yr. old) manager" at Claire's who followed me around like a little puppy throughout the store playing 20 questions with me. Assistant Manager (AM) "Oh are you just getting some cute hair accessories?!" Me: "Yeah, just whatever floats my boat." AM: "Well they are buy one get one half off." Me: "Great thanks. So you guys have some cute wallets here." AM: "Yes! And they're really cheap!" Me: "Too bad I just bought one." AM: (real serious) "Oh where did you buy it?"  OBNOXIOUS! NO I WILL NOT GIVE YOU MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER AND I DON'T WANT TO TELL YOU MY ZODIAC SIGN! teenagers. 
  • Getting lost in SLC on my way home, missing the street I'm supposed to turn on, and somehow also missing the sign that says "One Way," where I proceed to turn onto that one way street...flip a u-ey and then resort to calling dad in a panic. 
  • The slightly femmy worker at J. Crew who wore shoes with just enough of a heel to always know when he's coming.
  • Finding a CUTE sweater at Anthropologie for only $29, which is UNHEARD OF at that store. (Do keep in mind the reg price was $88...)
  • Eating lunch at a fab sandwich joint with my best pal Molly
  • Getting free ice cream as previously mentioned fab sandwich joint just for buying food there. WHAT service!
  • Molly getting a dress at J. Crew for only $20!!! She's a steal finder!
  • Getting an Orange Julius, which reminded me of my childhood at the Valley Fair Mall, or like my family calls it Valley of the Unwashed Mall. 
  • Finding a foreign power adapter/converter so I can charge my camera while I'm in the Philippines. I was having some MAJOR stress over this. Bless you Radio Shack. 
Hope your day was awesome and not awkward!

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