Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mission Preparation

For the past couple of days I have been going crazy trying to buy all the things I'll need for my mission...And I've decided that Elders have it SOOOOO much easier! Sisters have to buy a whole ton of extra stuff that just comes with being a woman....like makeup, hair stuff, dresses, skirts, cute shirts that are lightweight AND match every skirt, cute shoes, nylons, and 18 months worth of "feminine hygiene supplies." Elders are good with just a couple ties, suits, and a toothbrush. Whatever....

Last week Mom and I spent about 2 hours in walmart buying all my crapola and then we had to take a break to eat at Cafe Rio where we enjoyed Tamale Thursday. Delish. Then we went to the health center where I got 2 more painful shots. :( My poor arms. 4 shots in 2 days. At the health center I was very interested in the chairs in the waiting room and wondered what the slit was meant for? Perhaps to vent out some unpleasant odors coming from the user??? Your guess is as good as mine.

We fed it.

And tried it I did!

She's so beautiful

Mysterious chair slit...

 Then last Friday, Mom, Dad, and I headed up to Park City to attack the outlet stores. I found basically everything else that I needed including shoes I would have NEVER bought had I not bought them for my mission. Ladies and gents, Yes, I Meagan Pruden bought some lesbian shoes. (refer here.) But let me explain....my mission packet said I needed to buy close-toed sandals to wear, I'm assuming, as I'm trudging through swampy jungles. So I am obedient and bought some Keen sandals, which are noooot quite full blown lesbo sandals, but they're just about there.
They looka like this

After our Park City Extravaganza, we headed to Costco where I swear we bought out the entire stock of tampons. I tried to avoid eye contact as the cashier rang them up....

Believe it. 
This is what 768 tampons looks like smashed in Ziplocs...
I hope the airlines want to search my bag!

Well I have one week folks. Let the countdown begin.
And on a more happy note, it's almost winter which means daylight savings is soon, which MEANS I get to sleep in an extra hour at the MTC-dizzle! WHAT UP!

Goodbye fall.

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