Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today I Made Stuff...

Today after work, I had the sudden urge to make a pillowcase for my mission. So I grabbed some scrap fabric, my old pillowcase and headed to the sewing machine. A fewish minutes later ( more like 30).......                 Wallah!


believe it

Then my dad said I should make dinner for my mom...so I headed to Macey's, bought some supplies, and came home and made this masterpiece.
This dinner consisted of mashed yams with butter, sour cream, brown sugar, and milk, green beans with butter and salt, and chicken breast seasoned with fresh garlic, mrs. dash, celery seed, and lemon juice cooked on our good friend The George Forman. Delish and Nutrish!

Well now I am done creating for the day, so I am going to sit and watch my mom make my mission skirts and pretend to help her-since pillowcases are about the extent of my sewing capabilities. 

Here's to making stuff!

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Kelsee said...

Why are you so perfect?!?!? :) you are going to do so wonderfully!